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Fields of Activity

Sectors We Serve

Machinery Industry

Automotive and Sub-Industry

Energy Sector

Construction Machinery

Food Industry

White Goods Industry

Agricultural Machinery

Metalworking Industry


Lean Production Philosophy, Value Flow Analysis and Mapping, 5S, 6 Sigma, Kanban, process improvement studies, not only with theoretical reporting; These studies are carried out to cover the field studies required.


In addition to its own projects, Robentex is able to perform Machine Safety Risk Assessment within existing systems and machines. Following the Risk Assessment Reporting, Robentex also provides project planning and field application for improvement of security vulnerabilities. Following these works, CE Documentation and Technical File service is provided.


In order to find out the wastes in the current usage in industrial enterprises, system installations are carried out to control the energy usage traceability and efficiency of the operation.


Robentex manufactures automation projects in almost all sectors where there is mass production.

Robotic Production Cells and Production Lines that require process experience and engineering capability are the areas of expertise of Robentex.